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  • Trend of Export of Natural Stones from India to Various Countries
  • India has been known for decades for its stone industry and it is one of the biggest exporters of natural stone in the world. There is something about natural stones, particularly Indian natural stones that turn them so attractive before all the natural stone lovers across the world. It is this fascination to have them that bring out such a fabulous business opportunity. Indian natural stones exporters are doing a fine job by trying to tap that market. India is a major exporter of natural stone and granite, which is the second largest foreign exchange earner for India besides iron ore in minerals category. The export of granite in 2001-02 was around Rs. 2600 crore as against Rs. 2100 crore in the previous year. The share of granite monuments in total granite exports is around Rs. 800 crore. India is also the largest exporter of monuments and commenced as far back as 1935 when hand punched monuments were exported to UK.